History and mission

Blessed mention Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral Amfilohije, the founder of this diocese of South and Central America, traveled through this area and found himself in the Dominican Republic. It was in October 2012, due to the agreement on the organization of the first canonical Church Orthodox community in this area and the construction of an Orthodox church for all Orthodox believers. The Metropolitan then met with the Orthodox in La Romana. Due to various vicissitudes in Montenegro, he could no longer come to visit R. Dominican, until, with his blessing, Archimandrite Dr. Evstatije Miloš Azdejković came from Venezuela in 2017 together with the Greek priest Fr. Emanuel Remundakis to gather all the Orthodox who live here. About 40 young boys and girls gathered at the Holy Liturgy and prepared the table. The Holy Liturgy was served under a canopy that did not diminish the grace of that worship. It was then that he learned that a couple of months ago, the priest of the Moscow Patriarchate left RD and that there was no canonical priest at all. The idea of ​​building a temple was suppressed when the prices of land for such a project could only be heard. However, the Church vessels for the service of the Holy Liturgy, Fr. He then left Eustatius in the hope that he would come and serve the Holy Liturgy. Next time in R. The Dominicans found Eustatius because of a trip and on that occasion he served the holy liturgy in Cap Cana in a place that looks like a temple in architecture, and on that occasion he baptized several babies. After 3 months, he visited R. again on the way. He also served the Holy Liturgy at the Dominican Republic at the same place, at which several babies and adults were baptized. The money for renting that bar was given by Orthodox boys and girls who live and work here. However, the desire to build the first Orthodox canonical temple on the island is getting stronger and stronger. While he was sitting with people from the Church, after the Holy Liturgy and drinking coffee, a message came to Eustatius on the phone that took his breath away: “God help me, father, I am Ilic from Nis, I want to help build the Temple in the Dominican Republic.” . Time from that January 2018. until May 2021. , o Evstatije arranged the residence visa and the registration of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Republic of Croatia. now that everything is in order, thank God, soon with the help of people of good intentions, strong faith in God and their love, the construction of the first Orthodox church in this part of the Caribbean begins. Work begins, God willing, soon. The project is done in the Slavic Byzantine style. The temple should be the “pearl of Orthodoxy in the Caribbean” and home to all Orthodox living there.